Pedro Freire

Software Engineering Manager at Mollie

Authored Articles

Breaking Cache Conventions

The standard caching mechanism is well known: placing copies of frequently used data for easy access makes a system faster.
But you can fine-tune this for your use case, often reaping huge performance rewards.

  2021-02-25  |    12 min read

The Reverse Exodus

COVID-19 upturned the world into home enclosure.
Changes will be deeper than we think.

  2020-06-12  |    12 min read

Smart PHP Enums

PHP lacks an enumeration type. Can you achieve the same with classes, while retaining the advantages of enums?

  2020-05-13  |    5 min read

Fair Management

Life isn't fair, so why would you expect, or work towards, a fair workplace?
As it turns out, you do reap what you sow, and a fair workplace brings you clear business value.

  2019-11-07  |    10 min read

Zen PHP Development Installation and Setup on a Mac

Setup a full blown PHP development environment using macOS’ built-in features and MySQL.

  2017-02-28  |    12 min read

SQRT | Fast Square Root in Assembly and Hardware

Fast square root in Assembly. Mathematical proof and expansion into roots of any index. Example usage for a cube root. Hardware parallelization.

  2000-07-01  |    40 min read